Papaya & Pitaya Lush Brightening Soap


A sumptuous tropical fruit blend prized to cleanse gently, freshen and nourish. The juicy papaya and pitaya are high in vitamin C and enzymes that fight hyperpigmentation, promote skin renewal and skin brightening effects. 


  • Approximately 4 - 6 oz


With warm water lather up, cleanse face and body. Capture the moment to take pleasure in the refreshing aroma, luxurious lather, and the softness.


  • In stock; ships immediately

Artisan Bar Soaps are made of gentle organic plant oils enhanced with powerful bio-active botanicals for the face and body. Each bar is lightly perfumed with only plant essential oils. Designed to smoothly create a rich and luxurious lather to deodorize, cleanse, and kill bacteria.


Papaya - The proteolytic enzyme papain targets dullness and blemishes by gently dissolving old dead skin cells and impurities and deeply brightens the skin.

Pitaya - Dragon Fruit Highly nutritious tropical fruit. Niacinamide (vitamin B3) fights inflammation, halts excess oil production, improves uneven skin tone & fortifies skin’s natural barrier. Vitamin C fights excess free radicals, hyperpigmentation and brightens the skin. 

Turmeric Root - Strengthens the skin’s anti-inflammatory capabilities. Its antioxidants protect and prevent free radical cellular damage. The active component curcumin has been recognized to restrict the growth of skin tumors and other cancers.

Jasmine - Methyl jasmonate and farnesol are some of its active constituents that promote cellular regeneration, fight inflammation, kill bacteria, and soothes irritated skin. 


  • Sweet, floral and piquant notes of jasmine petals and orange peel. Suitable for most skin types.

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